About me

Masae's Mission: Creating a healthy world through the colors!
Living a colorful life is not a crime. It means celebrating your individuality through self-expression.

Masae was a prize winner in several major hairstyling contests including a grand prize in the all-Japan hairstyling contest. She has experience over 20 years.
She is certified and trained kimono dresser, received her master-instructor's license from the renowned international Yamano Kitsuke School in Japan.
Opened NY Kimono Academy in NYC 2018 and has been lectured on the history of Geisha and kimono dressing in a variety of venues including The Philadelphia Museum of Art.

Masae is also know as a Neo Geisha performer and CEO of HANNARI Entertainment known as preacher of Japanese authentic beauty that revolutionizing the art of geisha to a new generation of women in the world. She has produced and directed shows unifying diverse styles of art, fashion and dance through her own unique vision of color and beauty.